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Have you ever witnessed one of the most amazing natural wonders in the world? The monarch butterfly migration at the el Rosario Butterfly Biosphere Reserve. 🦋

Every year, millions of these beautiful creatures fly thousands of kilometers from Canada and the US to spend the winter in the oyamel fir forests of central Mexico. The sight of the trees covered with orange and black wings, the sound of the butterflies fluttering, and the feeling of being surrounded by nature are truly unforgettable. 🌲

But did you know that the monarch butterfly is also a symbol of Mexico’s culture and history? That’s why it is featured on the new 100 peso bill, along with the portrait of Sor Juana Inés, a 17th century poet and scholar who is considered one of the first feminists in the Americas. 💵

The new 100 peso bill is also the first vertical polymer banknote in Mexico, with advanced security and accessibility features. It is designed to celebrate the diversity and richness of Mexico’s natural and cultural heritage. 🇲🇽

So next time you visit Mexico, don’t miss the chance to see the monarch butterflies and the new 100 peso bill. They are both worth more than you think! 😉

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